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Here is your invitation to join us in our journey to find authentic spirituality and meaning in the modern world.  Find out more about the Perennial Philosophy that represents the eternal, universal Truth that underlies the writings of the many significant teachers that can be found on this site.  For an orientation to the website and to find out what it's all about, the David Library is now online.
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“Sacred Roots of the Imagination:

 Wisdom and Practice in an Uncertain World”

Information about the important conference that we're hoping to organize for the future! If things come together, this will be a great conference..

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Seyyed Hossein Nasr, The Essential Writings of Frithjof Schuon Originally published in 1986, this new edition of what will surely become a  great classic was published by Vega Books in June, 2002.  'I have met with no more impressive work in the comparative study of Oriental and Occidental religion'. -- T.S. Eliot. A momentous volume. Translated by Colm Luibheid, Pseudo-Dionysius: The Complete Works The only English translation of these complete works of the writings attached to the great Christian Saint, Dionysius the Areopagite , which are seminal in the development of the mystical tradition. "For it is by passing beyond yourself and all other things, and so purifying yourself of all worldly, carnal and natural love in your affection, and of everything that can be known according to its own proper form in your intellect; it is in this way, when all things are done away with, that you shall be carried up in your affection and above your understanding to the Substance beyond all substance, the radiance of the divine darkness." --from the included essay, The Pursuit of Wisdom
Naturalness: A Classic of Shin Buddhism , by Kenryo Kanamatsu.  Shin, or Pure Land, is the flower of Japanese Buddhism. Although it is less well known in the West than Zen, Vipassana or Tibetan Buddhism, its message of holy freedom, or naturalness, which arises when man conforms with sincere attachment to the Eternal saving will of the Buddha has been an illuminating way of spiritual awakening for multitudes of Japanese people since the sixth century when Buddhism came to Japan.

Important new titles from Sophia Perennis

Lord Northbourne, Looking Back on Progress Most of us are deeply committed to a cult of change. We believe in the essential beneficence of progress. We deal piecemeal with the frightening range of new problems that increasingly beset our society, but the assumptions underlying the ideology of progress are seldom seriously called into question. It is becoming increasingly urgent that these assumptions be questioned dispassionately and with a real desire to see the truth.  Lord Northbourne, Religion in the Modern World
I have just finished reading your book Religion in the Modern World...Not only is the book interesting, but I have found it quite salutary and helpful in my own case. It has helped me to organize my ideas at a time when we in the Catholic Church, and in the monastic Orders, are being pulled this way and that. — Thomas Merton
Gurdjieff in the Light of Tradition, by Whitall Perry. Probably no figure of our time has excited at once more enthusiasm and controversy among serious intellectuals seeking spiritual guidance than Georgi Ivanovitch Gurdjieff.  Whatever be the opinion of Gurdjieff gained by the reader, one thing is certain is that he or she will come away with a far clearer understanding of the background, teaching, and phenomenon per se than has ever been accessible before. 

The Collected Works of René Guénon 

The remaining 9 volumes of the series are forthcoming. Please see the Guenon page for an update on publication dates and a complete listing of these insightful volumes. Guénon offers an important and illuminating view of the rhythms and patterns that define our spiritual, social, and political landscape. They are relevant to the times, and to the ongoing crisis (The Reign of Quantity and The Signs of the Times provides unequaled insight).

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Audio and Video

Our collection of audio and video is limited but growing; we have important content that reflects our purpose of unveiling the various expressions of truth in our times. Audio and video is available in a variety of formats. There is currently no charge for online, streaming audio and video in RealPlayer format. We continue to search for and add selections that will hopefully make a difference in the lives of serious seekers.
Paths to the Heart Conference Audio Now Available. Includes talks from Huston Smith, S.H. Nasr, Kallistos Ware, and others. Listen to profound and moving commentary on metaphysics and spirituality in our times.

Get the truth about September 11. Don't miss Seyyed Hossein Nasr's Paths to the Heart Conference commentary on the historical and contemporary dynamics of the September 11 crisis.

Huston Smith, The Long Way Home A heartfelt and magisterial talk by the man who has touched so many with his ability to present important spiritual and religious dialogue in present times. Here H. Smith discusses the meaning of "home" in the spiritual journey, based on his own experiences.  Martin Lings, Metaphysics and the Perennial Philosophy An important contributor to the understanding of spirituality and religion in our times discusses the meaning of  the Sophia Perennis. In Real Player format for online listening.  

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News and Articles

The Marriage of Wisdom and Method, by Marco Pallis. An excellent summary of Tibetan Buddhism. Marco Pallis provides a unique perspective on Tibetan Buddhism that is heightened by his own providential experiences, his natural style of writing, and his profound insights into the spiritual life and the Way. Pallis relates the commonalities and divergences of the beliefs and practices of the "Yellow-hat" and the "Red-hat" Buddhist orders, including variations in moral codes and methods of study, meditation, and contemplation. Through the example of Buddhism in a pure form, Pallis shows that, on a spiritual path, beyond the supports of logic and ego, the divorce of the wisdom and knowledge of a given revelation from its corresponding method of practice can lead to a dangerous abyss.

In The Symbolism of the Taoist Garden , J.C. Cooper captures the depth of meaning intended by Taoist philosophers in their gardens, representing the earthly expressions of the beauty and splendor of the Mother of All Things.




The first round of comments in the Discussion Section address important spiritual issues that we face in our quest for meaning and authentic spirituality. 

The second set of discussion question comments from our contributors are in coming. If you'd like, please make your own comments on these and other questions. 1. What do people mean when the say things like "this is all an illusion"? Does the world matter? 2. Are there statements that are really, absolutely true? Or is everything just relative? How can we know the Truth? 3. Are there really "god-men"? How can I identify a "cult"? How can I distinguish between the genuine and the phoney? 


Prose, Poetry and Thought

Poetry or thoughts to remind us of Beauty and Truth in our lives.


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They say:
The World is not real,
it's a hindrance to hear, see, and feel.
The beauty you perceive does not compare,
to Nothingness, beyond despair

You must lose yourself,
to find the key,
to end your human misery.
Release the crutch, do not grasp,
painful attachments to the past.

He says:
To unite with the One,
is surely the Way,
But what of the sunset,
That closed the day?

And the Virgin's beauty,
that explodes,
in infinite chords,
in the sweet music,
that brings tears of joy,
to my eyes?



What music of what star
Did Schubert hear?
What celestial power
Touched Shelley's lyre?

What heavenly order
Raised spires of stone,
Moulded sculptured gesture
Of Gothic saint and king?

Dear human voices,
Faces loved and known,
From what unseen realm
Is that beauty born?

Kathleen Raine


Harmonies unheard create the harmonies we hear and wake the soul to the consciousness of beauty, showing it the one essence in another kind; for the measures of our music are not arbitrary, but are determined by the Principle whose labor is to dominate matter and bring pattern into being.



No man that hath no music in himself,
Nor is not mov'd with concord of sweet sounds,
Is fit for treasons, strategems, and spoils;
The motions of his spirit are dull as night,
And his affections dark as Erebus:
Let no such man be trusted.

Shakespeare, from The Merchant of Venice


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